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Dr. P. K. Gupta

MBBS, MD, PGDS Senior Consultant

Formerly: Senior Resident: S.G.M. Hospital, Delhi Govt.
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi Govt.
G.B.Pant Hospital, Delhi Govt.

Symptoms of Dysfunction

The symptoms of problems in men include:

  • » Lack of desire, fantasies, or interest in physical contact
  • » Inability to have or maintain any erection
  • » Inability to have or maintain an erection sufficient for functioning
  • » Inability to reach an orgasm despite adequate stimulation and signs of arousal
  • » Ability to achieve orgasm only after an unusually lengthy period of stimulation
  • » Ability to achieve orgasm only during masturbation or during oral
  • » Ability to achieve orgasm only in situations that are considered bizarre or taboo, such as fetishes
  • » Difficulty controlling the timing of orgasm and ejaculation, so that it occurs very early in contact, leaving the other partner dissatisfied
  • » Lack of ejaculation
  • » Persistent erection unassociated with desire
  • » Bloody ejaculation (This can be frightening but is usually not serious.)


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  • Metro Tower Plaza, Attach to Gate No. 8, Karol Bagh Metro Station, Main Pusa Road, Karol Bagh,
    Delhi – 110005.
  • Phone: +91-9999 925 201
  • Timing:
    Mon - Sat : 9:30am - 3:00pm (By app.)
    Mon - Sat : 4:00pm - 8:00pm (By app.)
    Sunday : Only morning shift (By app.)

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